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10 Pack x 10W Led COOL WHITE 4000K Downlight CE Dimmable ICF 90mm

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Australian Company Shipping from Australia ,selling only certified & tested product. All products meet strict Australian/New Zealand electrical safety standards.
Duglighting recommends choosing a downlight with either IC or IC-F rating as that will allow the downlight to be abutted and directly covered with insulation.
Down Under Group Lighting Downlights or Duglighting Downlights are IC-F, SAA, CE, ROHS approved, all products meet strict Australian/New Zealand electrical safety standards.
Led Downlights built in transformer

10 Pack x 10 Watt Dimmable Led Downlights.

10 Pack x 10W Led COOL WHITE 4000K Downlight CE Dimmable ICF 90mm


Built in transformer
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Australian Design

Voltage 240V 50Hz

Wattage 10 Watts

Input Current 0.05

Power Factor 0.95

Overall size 113mm x 60mm

Cut Out 90mm

Light Output 900lm

IP Rate Ip44

Lifetime 50000 hours

Warranty 3 Years

Dimmable: Available in dimmable only

Australian Plug included Flexible lead and plug

10 Watt

Standard 90mm cut-out

Light source: SMD LED

LED work temperature: -5°C~+35°C

The Led light operates at a much reduced temperature which intern further reduces overall power consumption.

LED Bulb life span: 50,000 hours

Safety Compliant: CE, ROHS, CTICK, SAA, Complies to MEPS AS/NZ

Dimensions: H: 60mm φ: 113mm (New Slim Line Design)

Dimmable with leading and trailing edge dimmers.

Dimmable Led downlight

10W LED downlight When buying downlights the best way to measure the output and performance to compare with other downlights on the market is to find the lumen output/watt. With the Universal 10 Watt downlight coming in at 90 Lumens per watt, this straight away beats a lot of the competition downlights. 10 Watt at 90 Lumens with dimmable as factory standard on these units.


It's a complete LED downlight fitting for about the same price as a dimmable MR16 LED downlight globe.
When replacing existing halogen or mr16 LED downlights it is often easiest to stick with the existing lighting layout. This approach is completely fine in most cases. Keep in mind that these LED downlights are often brighter than old halogens or LED globes. So for maximum energy efficiency you may be able to reduce the total number of lights present when switching to these LED downlights.

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