Led Downlight Sale

Led Downlight Sale


Are You Looking for Quality Wholesale Lighting Australia?

DUG is the easy choice for your lighting Australia. As a proudly Australian wholesale lighting supplier, you can be sure any wholesale lighting you buy from DUG Lighting is fully Australian compliant.

We’re not needlessly talking up our heritage here. We’re merely making it clear that lights that meet Australian standards are not always available from other sources.

Do You Want Quality Lighting Australia?

You can source plenty of cheap LED lighting Australia, from eBay and other sources. There’s also no shortage of Chinese suppliers proclaiming their LEDs to be class-leading. Check those listings carefully. Pay attention to the reviews and watch out for any suspicious batches of questionable feedback all posted on the same day in the same style. Dig deeper and check for issues with cheap lighting that simply doesn’t pass muster in terms of the Australian standard you’re used to.

Our company goal is simple: we provide products at the very highest rate of Australian standards and safety compliance.

Do You Need Lighting Options Australia?

Along with our competitive pricing and payment options, our free nationwide shipping is another great reason for you to source your LED lighting from DUG. Whether you’re working on a small DIY project that requires a handful of LED’s or a big development that’s looking to source downlights in the hundreds, DUG has the product and shipping options that will suit your needs quickly and efficiently. 

DUG Lighting is a Premier and Premium Supplier of Wholesale Lighting Australia! 

CONTACT US today, and you’ll see it’s easier than you might think to get all-Australian quality wholesale  lighting Australia, without spending a fortune.