D.U.G Lighting Australia

D.U.G Lighting Australia


Family Owned and Operated

Whether you’re looking for LED downlights for your home or your business, here at Down Under Lighting Group we cater for commercial and residential with the same standard-driven passion.

We manage to combine the advantages of a larger company with the inbuilt benefits of an Australian family-owned firm and operated business. This means we can offer you the affordability you’d expect from a more substantial company, but also the responsive customer service you only tend to get from a more intimate, family-run affair.

We’re proudly Australian, and we’re here to help you make the right decision for the lighting in your home— a decision where you can make a safety-oriented choice without needing to spend a fortune.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a family-run Australian company means you’ll be left with a poor selection of lighting either. We pride ourselves on stocking everything you might need for the lighting needs of your home or business.

While LED lights might seem relatively new, here are at Down Under Lighting, we’ve been in the game for a quarter-century, just one more reason to place your trust in us.

25 Years in The Business

25 years in the business and still going strong, our Australian family-owned and operated company is going from strong to stronger.

While you might be able to pick up cheaper lighting if you start checking out the bottom-feeders on eBay, ask yourself how much that supplier actually knows about the products they’re selling. Beyond this, in the event of any problems developing, you might find your insurance claim is voided through using lighting that fails to meet Australian standards.

And this, along with our two-and-a-half decades in the game, is another reason you should make Down Under Lighting your go-to choice when you’re looking for LEDs. All our LED downlights meet the rigorous Australian and New Zealand standards of electrical safety. Unlike many young pretenders only out for a quick buck, we make it a point of pride to sell only products that have been tested as well as certified.


So far so good, right? We’ve got the LED lighting you need and the experience to back up our claims after 25 years in the business.

There’s one other key area where we excel, and that’s our customer-focused outlook. We prize ongoing relationships rather than angling for a quick sale. We achieve this by putting you, the customer, first and last. Whether you want a few LED downlights for your home or a whole business fitted out, you’ll get the same attention and responsiveness from us here at Down Under Lighting.

As well as helping you every step of the way when you’re looking for new lighting, we extend our customer-centric attitude to helping you where it counts most: we’ll save you money as well as streamlining your buying journey.

With free delivery throughout Australia, you won’t end up with any hidden charges when you go to check out. Many global companies are bloated with only the bottom line counting. As an Australian family-owned and operated business, we run lean so you can pay as little as possible while still getting safety-oriented lighting from brands you can trust.

At Down Under Lighting, you’ll get the personal attention of a family affair along with the advantages generally associated with bigger businesses. You owe it to yourself to give us a try!

D.U.G Lighting is a proud family owned and operated supplier with over 25-years of experience.